I am into entering contest everywhere, magazine, travel mag, instagram contest and won a lot of things already. The latest is to layflat what’s in my bag. Its for the fashionvalet contest where they will give 3 lucky winners of the latest mini sofina bag. So i lay 3 types of my bag, handbag, my…


It was a tiring, but am looking forward to workout every tuesday and thursday now. It was a hectic weekend at the south peninsular, i’ll write about it later or never.  But am looking forward to the workout at Damansara Heights, and today we did the following:  Stretching.  Warm-up:  15 jumping jack 15 squat  15…

Mandatory kit list

I received the latest June update via email for Hasu Tasuu trail run. i am quite close in completing the mandatory kit. It’s not much for the non-ultra trail run though but it’s going to be a good training to fully prepare for this one of it kind running event. The updated list is the…

Fitbit Flex & Garmin Fenix 2

I am not a tech/gadget blogger. I know there are thousand more review/video out there that provide an in-depth review of gadget. I am, simply not. I do, excel in blogging about myself, and i’ll stay on that. On my recent visit to Singapore, on my way back to KL, in Changi Airport, i came…

Bugaboo cameleon

No. I’m not having a baby yet. Not even married yet. and no, I don’t have a boyfriend yet. Whatever. But I’m buying this when I’m ready. Hahahahahaha. For those of you mommies, you can check it out here.Yeah, I know, this is expensive multi-terrain stroller but you can customize it. Ain’t it cute?

Giddy up!

All i want for my 26th is a white ipad2. Have you watch Burlesque yet?

Sunshine in the rain!

For the first time in my life, I LOVE yellow. This is going to be my next car. Camaro will be coming to Malaysia this year! *Cross fingers* (wishful thinking)


While iPhone 3gs has been serving me for almost a year, through out up and down, I give no complaint or dissatisfaction towards the white. But it’s time for me to move on to the next generation. I’m currently waiting for the new generation white, but i guess it’s not going to be in store,…

Say hello to FaceTime for Mac!

Weee…! At least, before my long awaited iPhone4 gonna come to me by end of the month, I can FaceTime to my other mac/iphone4 friends via FaceTime! 😛 Photo credit: Apple


Hello all! I’m currently in transit & still in Malaysia though! Ha,ha. I will be going to Xiamen, China this afternoon until new year. So by then (and hopefully I can penetrate the great firewall of China – Yes, they block everything i.e. social network including facebook, twitter, yada yada and most of the major…

12 days of xmas

Finally, my first semester results are out! Oh god gracious, I’m so thankful for every grade I get. I was so scared that I may not go though this first graphic studio, however, I get a B minus for that. Yep, not A but I am so thankful for the B too 🙂 The rest…

iPhone is finally in Malaysia! New iPod Shuffle!

DOUBLE COMBO APPLE NEWS ALERT! Yes! iPhone is finally arrived in Malaysia ‘legally’!! wooohooooooo! It’s time for me to join maxis family. wooot wooot! I’m still reviewing the Maxis rate plan, you can visit it here for the rate plan and booking!  Place your booking now before 17 March to get invited into the official…

E71 new pop-color

No word on their availability yet. For more info, click here! (photo credit: gsmarena.com)

Nothing hurt but my big-P

I’m always the kind of person that talks about high-end technology. Keeping up with the latest tech in town (or not yet arrived in town) and all that. I’ve been blogging on how much i want to put my hands on X1 and iPhone. (i’m still hoping to, one day). But a week ago, my…

2nd generation of i-series

I am sooooooo going to wait for this one. expected launch would be around 9th of June 2008. ship? maybe as early as July *drool drool* Read the full article here