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I really don’t know what to write about myself. I am a simple girl with huge passion for nature, photography, reading & tennis. I wish to travel around the world, to have a very good circle of friends & family. I enjoy adrenaline rush & sometimes i do enjoy to be alone as well. I like to see the bright side of everything.

At times, i can be absent minded; deep in thoughts. Somehow I am pretty much a monologue person; speaking out loud my thinking in my head rather than spilling everything to another ears. I, too isunpredictable.Indeed, none of us able to understand ourselves & the surrounding. We live the world of perception with the help of our five senses. I, too, would love to enjoy these gift given by the creator, experience all the senses while I can & help another.

Though in order to live harmoniously within the society; we shall follow the norm. But, I want to do things differently. I want to be unique; not a stereotype etc. With that, most of the people will never understand what I’m doing, why I’m doing without any full understanding of how my mind works. Thus, hopefully, this medium would help me to help others to understand me better & how my wicked and yet, impulsive & logical thinking inside my head.

I may not follow rules, guides or even orders but it doesn’t mean I am a rebel. Somehow my twisted mind work differently from how normally it should be. It’s just that there is so much to discover in life & the norm is containing you from discovering the vast new experiences, knowledges & even whole new way of thinking.I want to be out of that shell.

And this is the first step.

Seriously, I really don’t know whether describing me in this case is sufficient enough to really describing myself.so, there goes my description about me.

Now to ask you my dear reader; do you really know me?

Holler me back! 🙂

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  1. E.T says:

    seen your pics . Impressive, u should spend more time on photography. Briefly I m a 49 y old man resident of Brunei but currently in Europe ,Greece. I spend time in Labuan trying to get away from all. Maybe we can make some pics next time i m back there(about next october). U r always welcome to the greek islands though, if u can afford the ticket. Summer light in the islands is THE thing for artists. So long ET

  2. anggun3 says:

    thanks! yes I will definitely spend more time on photography once i get a decent equipment. I would love to learn more from the pro.
    I will definitely visit greek islands, someday. and perhaps I can take good shots when I’m there. 🙂

  3. hanna tan says:

    yuhuu HY! its me 🙂
    i linked u to my blog. its a new blog baru last month buat hahaha..so feel free to holler me back too. hikhik.
    pentas5.wordpress.com daaa!

    1. anggun3 says:

      wah CT, u’ve found me in wordpress! bah i’ll add u up to my blogroll tooo 🙂

  4. Harry says:

    Hi Anggun,

    Honestly, i do not know who you are and so do you. I came accross your site as I was searching for Likas Lagoon…

    And you know what? It is a great coincident to find someone who love photography and from environmental science background as well. So, what do you do for a living right now? Where are you working?

    I will appreciate shall you be able to reply to me at enviroharry@yahoo.com.

    Best regards,

    Harry bah……..

  5. anggun3 says:

    oh hey Harry! thank you for visiting my blog. Yes I’m very passionate about photography & yep, i’m from environmental science bg too. Currently I’m working in environmental consultancy here in KK. what about you?

  6. berry says:

    hola hy,

    I drop by to say hi. I didn’t notice u hv a blog. I put u in my blog roll already ;). By the way i found a website that u might find interesting. http://www.treehugger.com. Ciao!

  7. anggun3 says:

    eh hi berry! ko ada blog juga yea? ah i’ll add u up in my blog roll too then.
    yep i know abt the treehugger website. he.he been reading in once a while.
    thanks for coming here & keep on reading 🙂
    ahhh i miss kk!

  8. kent says:

    Hi was looking for something on landscape architecture in penang, found your blog.

    I’m a landscape architecture student too, wanted to see some landscape arch projects in penang….

    Though I did find some awesome hiking trails instead!

    But if you can recommend any places to visit or check out let me know.

    I read about the botanical park and the spice garden are they two separate entities?

    Thanks you can contact me at ngke5@yahoo.com

    I hit the dirt on penang on Jan 16 – 18.

    Awesome city island


  9. anggun3 says:

    hahaha good to know someone in the same field finding his/her way to my blog. tq for reading. Well botanical garden & spice garden in Penang are two separate entities. botanical garden located at Jalan Kebun Bunga whereas spice garden located at teluk bahang. though i’ve been living in penang for half a year, i have yet to visit these two garden. ha,ha!

    ah, hiking trails as in penang hill, bukit jambul or the forest? 🙂

  10. karlbarrett says:

    Hi there! I loveeeeee your blog! Im a Landscape Architect student in the UK and have just finished my first semester of the BA and loving it! BTW I love your wish list and youve inspired me to put one on my blog and a macbook pro is going on it as no 1. Ha ha pleased to meet you ;o)

  11. anggun3 says:

    hello karl! haha thank you for dropping by my blog 🙂 well it’s always fun to met another LA students from the other side of the world.. on the net. How’s first semester so far? I bet you are having fun studying LA 🙂
    Anyway, yes.. macbook pro is such a convenience to use to do normal task but I still depends on pc for few other program such as AutoCAD and ArcGIS. It’s just an ease of convenience.But to each it’s own.

    I’ve converted to mac and I’m not looking back 🙂

    and, pleased to meet you too 🙂

    merry xmas and a happy new year karl!

  12. eva626 says:

    you are so cute!!! lol…nice blog and very cool description of yourself…keep blogging!

  13. anggun3 says:

    hahahha thank you!! well, thank you for reading my blog and keep updated with my junk writing here 🙂


  14. Angie says:

    I do know u’re a great humble person with a good honest heart! Super independant & super active too! ❤

  15. anggun3 says:

    thank you angie! Good to have friend like you too 🙂

  16. Mostafa Ne says:

    Ida! Just found your blog by chance! 😀 You have an amazing Blog indeed.
    Well … from how I’ve known you, you are a multi-tasking smart girl who likes to do different things and loves to do things differently. 😉 That makes you stand out. Wish you the very bests in every stage of your life! 🙂 Cheers

  17. anggun3 says:

    hey mos! whoaa u finally found my blog ! and thank you for dropping by 🙂
    Wish u all the best in life too ! 🙂

    1. kellyyllek14 says:

      Hello Anggun, I came across your blog and saw that you went for the 2xu run in 2013. I have been looking for the singlet female M size (black and turquoise) for a while, as it means something special to me. Do you happen to have it in M and is it still in mint condition? And could you kindly let me have it? I would be willing to buy it from you. Pls let me know thanks. You can contact at kellyyllek14@gmail.com or 81273732. Thank u! -Kelly

      1. anggun3 says:

        Hi kelly, for 2xu 2013, the running singlet is pink/grey and i have it in S size 🙂

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