Liar liar pants on fire!

he he pardon me for not updating this blog so often anymore. It seems that my leisure time now limited to late evening due to my working hours. It will be even limited when I start joining back gym & attending those pilate+yoga classes here. Oh and not to forget the workload! (No wonder no one want to handle EIA, LOL). 

I will be attending another interview tomorrow. The one I’m not looking forward to go. Oh well, I’ll just do this for the sake of making some people happy. OK, I’m sooo gonna excel in the interview tomorrow (remark: please refer to the blog post) & I’m going to do my very best! (again, refer to the blog post title). ROFL. 

Anyway, I feel so hopeless with working life. I feel like I’m totally lost. Not that my colleagues not helping, but I have yet to set my mind straight to the given project. So yeah.     


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