Resolution 2017

Hey, it’s time of the year again where I supposed to reflect on my self-progress for 2016. A lot of thrown curveball at me this year, but overall.. i am okay for 2016. 2015 was too much things happened, really shaken me up, too much bad luck and omen. 2016 is moving towards  a new direction, something like I am putting my new path towards life.

I have a lot to be grateful for this year. I have more stable life, emotionally, not so financially, but a progress is still in a positive way.

Let’s hit the list of my 2016 resolution. You can find my previous post here:

  1. Last resolution no. 5: Getting back to the fit ida. i can settle down with 54kg with bigger boobs & ass rather than 52kg. hahaha. haha i failed this one. I am getting bigger. Damn.
  2. Buy this property. Either in Damansara Heights, Hartamas, Mont Kiara, or, Damansara Perdana. I am reviewing my finance, and i have a few option for this. This is not just shopping for clothes. A 30 years commitment need to think about it thoroughly. 
  3. Last resolution no. 6:Diversifying my financial portfolio. High-risk investment. Building capital. Real estates. Natural resources. US-funds. You tell me. Tough year financially, but.. I still keep my 10% income for saving. Amen to that. 
  4. Last resolution no. 6,7 and 11. Seriously need a career jump. Perhaps, London? I am still in KL, and still looking around. New Zealand perhaps?
  5. More travel, and travel, and travel. Lombok, Hokkaido, Vietnam, or perhaps, Gold Coast? Lapland for #chasinglights project in 2017 stays. Even if I have to go there alone. Hmmm. none listed. I visited Hong Kong, Macau, Bali, Bangkok, Singapore, Penang, Kuching, Jakarta, Batam. All local. Hmmm.
  6. Taking care of my parents. I miss them, and how I wish, they can stay with me here, on and off. Or am flying back home more often. I try to fly back but financially not capable to do so. 
  7. Need to get that LAr. Time to appeal to sit for professional exam. Fuck it. Again, we are getting rejected. I need to do something bigger to overcome this. Mark my word. 2017 going to be my year.
  8. To be more fit. Embrace the fitness lifestyle, more crossfit and running. Maybe I should invest in a bicycle? Good start? Can’t afford bicycle, but I am still in the running and trail running events. I hike Kiara every weekend. Stop crossfire but embracing hot/bikram yoga and belly dance. Yet, I need to get that running training started.
  9. To love unconditionally. To love doesn’t mean you need to own it. I still love unconditionally. 
  10. What else I want to achieve when am turning 31 years old next year? Good health, good family, passionate in work, contented with life, connecting back to God. Amen. Amen. health is better, but hormone acting up. Still passionate with work, contented with life, yes. I am talking more to God. 
  11. I’ve been reading and taking up online classes from all the top universities in the US as continuous lifelong development, and it’s time for me to start thinking of starting my own start-up company in which:
    1. I need to master the software coding for website and mobile;
    2. change this website to be more than just a blog.
    3. Try to get a place at MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. This is tough. But this would be my December project. Ok this is seriously, funny. Why on earth I need to list this as resolution when am not even serious about it?

Okay, I achieve some, but not all. Not bad. Alright, so what am i looking for next year? 2017 should be my year. I need to nail this. I need to get back to that iDa.

  1. Getting serious with my 20-weeks training plan. I need to complete SCKLM 2017 in 6 hours and 30 mins. The marathon is in May and my training start on the 2nd January 2017.
  2. Getting back to that crossfit. I want to condition my body to go back to that fit iDa. Fitness activities include getting better and stretchable in hot yoga. Dance passionately in the dance class. Learn the skill of trail running. and to reduce down to 18% body fat. Phew. Yes, I need to achieve this in 2017!
  3. Professional wise, I got to fill those knowledge gap and perfect my professional ethics to become a great landscape architect. I need to get those certification and to be recognise in the industry. I need to take that exam no matter what. Either to appeal, or to get oversea masters’ degree that they recognised.
  4. Get migration thingy to work on. Australia or New Zealand perhaps? I don’t mind London as well, but since the Brexit, might affect the opportunity to migrate there. I need to keep the option open. I don’t mind oversea projects as well, even if I am based in KL. I need to go and spread my wings, in the international level. Like, seriously looking at any opportunity. I am game.
  5. Travel. and travel. At least, exploring one europe country. Or Turkey. Or Sydney. Or Hokaido. But yes, keeping the momentum going. I want to explore London and it’s surrounding area.
  6. Saving, and saving for property. A place to call my own (if I decided to stay, if not.. then, saving for future). Still, am looking at Mont Kiara/Hartamas/Damansara Heights area.
  7. Eat healthily . Reduce carbs and sugar. More veggie/fruits and white meat. I want to get that curve back. I feel unhealthy now.
  8. To be passionate in everything I do. To be more outgoing, more pleasant, more talkative, and engaging socially. To be more friendly, and outgoing.
  9. I want to be more fashionable. Need to take care of the appearance, hair, face, clothes, self grooming,even for work. To look sharp, polished, and professional. But sometime I need to look stunning, and provocatively sensual. Wink. Maybe need to start investing into some haute couture accessories. Signature handbag, or manolo blank heels? Groom hair, clean face, great smile, manicured brow, short nail, perfect body. Ok this require hard work, but let’s aim for this. I want to look more professional when am working. After all, am in the senior position now; next jump of work I should be a director and/or an associate already. So need to dress like one.
  10. To love myself more. To open the option of possibilities. and beyond.

*Beaming positive vibes to the universe*

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