Resolution 2015

You can refer to my 2014 resolution here

Let’s recap on what I have done so far this year:

1. To select people that worth keeping, and letting go those who don’t appreciate me. I mean, friends that will do anything for you, and friends that only be there for me when it is convenience to them. I had enough of trying to be a good friend to them, and they stood me up.

I do. I did. Selecting people whom are dear to me, and willing to be there for me, and just don’t bother those that are there with me when am laughing but not around when am crying. I don’t take them to heart anymore. 

2. To control my food intake. I shall plan my meal, eat healtily, and cook my lunch on weekend. Reduce eating out. Am talking about control calories, and reduce my food expenses. On top of that, need to reduce those cocktails and stuff.They are high in sugar and calories. Drinking more water. I think I’ll get some sort of sugar-blocker or whatever shit. 

I fail miserably on this, except that I have reduce a lot on cocktails and stuff, and drink more water but cook my lunch etc, I need to get my own place. 

3. To build my stamina for full marathon. Next year event, i’ll have 17km Newton Penang Challenge, 11km & 22km Xterra World Championship, the anticipated-ultimate 28km Hasuu Tasu Trail run at Kundasang/Ranau, Sabah and a 42km full marathon towards the end of the year, probably Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I’ll never stop participating any extreme challenge, at least these keep me going in life.

Check !!! Completed 17 running events this year !! This include Sundown Singapore, Hasu Tasu trail run, 2 half marathon at Bukit Tunku and around KL -SCKLM, and my first attempt towards Full Marathon at the second Penang bridge !! My greatest achievement this year !! (Beaminggg)

4. To get back to my 52kg body without losing my c-cup boobs. Though challenge on how to do this but, yeah. I’ll try.

Big challenge, still struggling. Calves getting bigger, boobs getting bigger (not that i complaining) LOL.

5. Need to live within my means, and start planning my finance. I’ll keep 10% of what am getting every month for my house deposit or whatever. 

Yes, trying to live within my means, I allocate 10% of salary for my savings. 

6. To travel more. Anywhere. Everywhere. With friends or alone. 

Check !! Pattaya, Thailand. Bangkok, Thailand. Taipei, Taiwan. Singapore. New Zealand. 

7. Work-wise. Need to improve on my design, and running projects. Need to open my eyes more for latest trend and design. Need to travel more to see the world in order to expand my horizon.

I am still trying to juggle with this, trying to improve myself with the design, and also trying to run the projects myself. Currently, am working on 7 projects throughout Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Kota Kinabalu. 

8. I used to be invisible. I celebrate everything alone. That changed when I move to Penang, I have good circle of friends & colleagues that we always celebrate birthday, christmas, CNY, and any other occasion together. I don’t feel invisible anymore where there are friends around. I don’t want to feel that invisible anymore, but since i moved to KL, I’ve become invisible again. Need to find good circle of friends that can move around, talk and chat, laugh and do outdoor activities together, like running, picnic, watching movies etc.

I do have few close friends/colleagues that I always hang out with, going for running event together, travelling together, and discovering new eating places together. Definition of friends changes when you get older, and am still trying to figure it out. People come and go from your life, some stay, some disappear, and some busy with creating their own new family. Guess the single, stays alone, so yeah. 

9. Love? I just hope my heart heal. and am ready to change myself and be the old, positive beaming ida i used to know. Am black and dark now, and full of hatred.

My heart starting to become clearer, and whiter. I just need to control my thoughts and emotion, and as i said, ignorance is bliss. Get my priority right, love myself more and love others without having the need for them to love me back. Talk about unconditional love. 

10. I should spend time more with my parents. I miss them like crazy. When I’m gone broke, yesterday. They willingly helping me without being ask for. and mom said, don’t hesitate to ask for help if I can’t survive living here. I love her.That is mother’s unconditional love. The greatest love of all. Probably moving back to KK? 

I am a little bit guilty as the third quarter of the year, I seldom go back home. I was busy with work, and flying all over the world. I should spend more time with my parents. But whenever they are in town, I’ll try to steal time and spend time with them. Moving back to KK? Not anytime soon.

Okay, so what am I looking at for 2015? I have no idea and seriously, your thoughts and priority change when you are getting older. Here are some of the things I would like to achieve in 2015:

1. Getting my own place. For real. I might not be able to collect enough fund for downpayment, but I have spotted where I see myself living in the next few years. The only place that I am interested in calling it my home is the project am working on now at KLGCC. It is located at Bukit Kiara. So fingers cross, work harder, and soon I’ll call this my home. amen.

2. Letting go, of the person that won’t have any future with me. Slowly letting it go. I can do it ida.

3. Hoping, and unconditional love. I am still here, will always be here.

4. Travel and travel more. Kathmandu, Xi’an, Bali, Lombok, Japan, States. Amen.

5. Getting back to the fit ida. i can settle down with 54kg with bigger boobs & ass rather than 52kg. hahaha.

6. Diversifying my financial portfolio. High-risk investment. Building capital. Real estates. Natural resources. US-funds. You tell me.

7. Saving for 2016 South America adventure. Trying to find travel buddy/-ies.

8. Career jump !! Negotiating to double up my earning by next year. I am worth more than I am now, I can confidently tell you that. Career-wise scope should go towards running to open on my own. That is kind of knowledge and experience that I need to get for, and to be extremely competent.  I am running 7 projects on my own, so this shouldn’t be a problem innit?

9. To polish more on my PR. Should ditch my shyness and bravely talk to people, casual talking. Buddy-buddy. Get and lobby for a job (projects) shall be my next target.

10. To smile more. Take care of my health, body and face. Get that awesome healthy looking hair, flawless face, nice tan, and that Sabahan smile that melt everyone’s heart.

11. Sorting out items to do, for the possibility to migrate to … (refer to my wish list) 🙂

That’s all from me, so what is your 2016 resolution? I guess am the only one that keeping the blog. I never seen any of my friends updating their blog anymore. Oh well.

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