alhamdulillah… and the effort to continue to excel, be recognized & better environment continues.. God bless & god speed.

Escape, Teluk Bahang

It was a fun weekend for me this week in Penang. We decided to escape from the computers and Internet and becoming a monkey & sort. The newly opened adventure park at Teluk Bahang called Escape. It’s a truly fun and adventurous playground for the big kids. ahahaha. We spend most of the time at…

China House

Have you been to china house? You should! This place is simply gorgeous, there’s a restaurant, and a bar with a stage for live music, and performances. China house located at Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang

I was doing alright

Ah. Just as my facebook status update: I think my biological clock gone haywire.  It’s wierd. I used to wake up late when I was back in KK but here, I wake up even before then sun rise! Ha,ha. I am still confused on when the sun rise n when the sun set. I can…

Day 1 : Relocation to Penang

Hello ya all! I’m blogging from my room at Tune Hotel. Oh, how cheapo this hotel is, makes me realize I rather splurge on other amenities rather than stick to the basic. Yep. Ha,ha. But I shouldn’t complaint too much. I started off the day by taking the first (and only) direct flight BKI-PEN which…