Botany, toffee nut & e-gate

OK this is the third year (or forth) that I’m blogging about the toffee nut-craving. It’s time of the year again when starbucks started serving toffee nut latte & frappucino. Nice. I miss the sweet toffee nut taste in my mouth. Yep, you can not drink it on a regular term, you’ll get bored with…

Eid ul-Fitr

Or normally greeted as Selamat hari raya aidilfitri here, to everyone! 🙂 May you have a blessed Ramadhan & Shawal this year.    Orkut Myspace Eid Mubarak Comments & Graphics


ARGHHHHHHHH….. sa mau MATI!! I am preparing the big proposal that require endless of spatial data & I was given less than 5 days! HELP!!!!! I’m going bonkers. need to do the write-up.


I am waiting for my plane in the boarding room now. Lucky I bring my macbook everywhere so everytime I have to wait for something, I can just kill the time by going online. Luckily in KL too,  practically every corner is wireless covered area. Hmmm I wonder what happened to the WiMaX thingy that…

Don’t go away

Dear reader, I will be away from the internet for 4 days. Stay tune for my trip update! 🙂 ciao! Happy holiday all!


It’s been a while since i posted something decent & informative here. All these while, it’s only updates & complaints about my miserable life here. OK, not so miserable lah. But I feel I could be happier at some place else, you know what i mean? It’s been like 4 months I’m back home but I…


Dear reader, Do you really understand what is the morale of the story here for every posts? OK, not all post though but do you get what I’m trying to say? Say, in Hollier than thou (H.t.t); do you know that I’m sarcastically said that Malaysian wants to be H.t.t. and expect everyone to be…

Morsel Diet Kunun

Whatever it is; i love the w edges! 🙂 Credit: thnks to

Completely bla·sé Part II

YOU CAN ONLY TYPE ONE WORD!!! NOEXPLANATIONS 1. Yourself: lazy bones 2. Your Lover: monster 3. Your Hair: Long 4. Your Mother: here 5. Your Father: out 6. Your Favorite Item: lots! 7. Your Dream Last Night: nightmare! 8. Your Favorite Drink: oranges! 9. Your Dream Home: my own design 🙂 10. The Room You…

Completely bla·sé

Name 3 schools you went to:1.St Agnes School2.All Saints School3.LMC ( if this u called school,heh) Name 3 things in your wallet:1.cards2.coins3.a few notes Name 3 things you do when you’re really stressed:1.hush2.sleep3.put on full blast Name 3 places that you always go:1.cps2.ganesh’s n seksyen 17 mamaks :p3.midvalley Name 3 favorite fruits:oranges, grapes and…

Feelin’ cold?

The coziest and most vibrant outfit of the year! It is simply dandy. Green apple is my favourite! oh, oh and trust me, it won’t scratch you, lol.

Do you know?

Do you know? Apple designs packaging with an eye toward conservation. For example, the MacBook Pro’s packaging is 38% lighter and consumes 45% less volume than the 15-inch PowerBook G4. Batteries: Apple uses lithium-based batteries that do not contain lead, mercury or cadmium. Paints and inks: Our paints and inks don’t contain cadmium, chromium, mercury,…

Don’t forget about us

Intro:(Don’t forget about us)Don’t baby, don’t baby, don’t let it goNo baby, no baby, no baby noDon’t baby, don’t baby, don’t let it goMy baby boy… (Verse I)Just let it dieWith no goodbyesDetails don’t matterWe both paid the priceTears in my eyesYou know sometimesIt’d be like that baby (Bridge I)Now everytime I see youI pretend…


new fwenster start page. give headache to me. huahaha. till then :p oh,u know that u can generate electricity frm sewage? sound ew eh? haha and yes, im free for the rest of the week. no limnology class, yeay. no pollution class, yeay. submitted 2 assignments, yeay. done wit chem analysis test, horray! oh, sigh….

A Must Have!

Yes. Its Juicy Couture and Hermes Kelly Bag. *drool.

Dizzy Daisy

June29, 2005. 9.09pm A whole new world- Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Phew, what a day. Went for movies with Jessie today. Hahaha. we watched War of the World in Gsc then off to Cps for the Initial D. The plan was to watch the War from 12 to 2 then continue from 2 to…