Botany, toffee nut & e-gate

OK this is the third year (or forth) that I’m blogging about the toffee nut-craving. It’s time of the year again when starbucks started serving toffee nut latte & frappucino. Nice.

I miss the sweet toffee nut taste in my mouth. Yep, you can not drink it on a regular term, you’ll get bored with it. However, this is a seasonal drink, so I kind of anticipated this drink towards end of the year – nearing christmas. Ah. I just love toffee nut. I may be exaggerating it too much but I don’t care, i LIKE it. 🙂

Had venti’s at the e-gate with my lecturer just now, while reading my botany lecture notes. How dry & boring the notes are (and remind me of the form 5 and/or matriculation biology where I have to memorize the structure of flowers), but since my left hand holding a toffee nut, I don’t mind digging my head to the notes. 🙂

Yep. I’m still studying for my botany paper. Wish me luck. Tooo much to read, tooo little time to digest. Ah, blame it on last minutes studying. Dang!

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