I am forever 21

I can’t deny that I break down this morning when I digitize the landuse of Penang. He,he and fought with the great ones. However, the great one calm me down and help me to come back to my senses. I haven’t sobbed so much this year. Well, then I went to Queensbay alone to calm my mind & sooth my feeling. I don’t know why I am being emotional these days. Maybe due to the workload stress accumulating etc and suddenly, a night before I snapped. I had a heartiful lunch meal with a complimentary of green tea ice-cream. I like.

Then the fun part begin. I spent quite alot in Forever 21. OMG OMG OMG. Retail therapy really works! It bring smiles to my face. Weeeee!

and guess what, I bought the hot pink tube dress & the rose with black-ground dress, and a hot and body-hugging halter. Imagine a floral dress with a huge hat for tea party? That’s how it is. Bought two long-sleeve tees and a grey legging. Oh heaven. I would love to shop again after my land survey paper finish.

Apart from that, I bought a nice, yummy strapless pushup from lasenza. Honestly, I don’t really like their lingerie, I prefer triumph, or victoria’s secret.

Apart from that, Borders selling Eleven Minutes of Paolo Coelho and I bought it straight away. Weee!

Bought a set of mini-donut from J.Co for my fellow studio-mate.

Came back around 6.30 pm and I get a text from my lecturer, inviting for japanese-dinner. Then we went off to Queensbay for Sakae Sushi again! wooooh.

… and here I am, contented, full.. and a lil’ bit guilty because I should start studying Botany tonight.

However, I heart forever 21.

Oh i am forever 21.


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