P-p-p poker face

Hey ya all. GIS paper went alright today. Not going to give high hope on that but *cross fingers* everything going to be alright. Well, this week has yet to bring smile to me. I am particularly becoming more and more serious due to the study-load for the final examination. It scare some people & i find it funny that I am becoming more expressive here. I had a great argument with the great ones last night in which I’m not looking forward to the morning phone call. Not sure it was remembered by the other party but definitely cut a knife to my heart. Cest la vie.

Some things are meant to be talked about when both are sober & not under influenced. Because by doing so, some virtue will cover up the unspoken disagreement rather than just spill everything out without caring the other receiver’s feeling. And it’s not cool to actually attack the other party during the critical time. That is just plain selfish.

Anyway, that’s that. Hey-yo!

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