Hypertrophy-specific training (HST)

It’s day 6 of Ramadan and am still going strong. This is the toughest Ramadan so far, in term of keeping my head sane, letting go, healing, moving places, keeping up with the workload as well as maintaining my workout regime. I just came back from the gym today. I did the hypertrophy training today….

HIIT workout 

WOD :  Try do this 30seconds for each, and 30 seconds rest in between, for 6 sets  1.Squat 2.High knee run  3.Push up 4.Sit up  5.Mountain climber 6.Battling-Rope waves 7.Battling-Rope crossovers 8.Kettleball swing  9.plyometric box jump You’ll be dead by the end of the workout 😂😂😂 good luck! 


Hi everyone ! Happy 30th birthday to me. Another year older, another year wiser, another awesome year ahead. My mom and good friend has been wishing me happy birthday even before the clock strike 12. Guess they love me too much huh. 😂   How do i feel? Older? Nah, i feel grateful that i…

Newton Gravity III

Hello better !! I’ve lost my Newton Distance U, Merrells minimalist and Nike free together with my car during carjack incidents months ago. I don’t have proper running shoes that can log lotsa mileage, am not confident with my Newton Energy as that is the transition shoes from normal running shoes to newton.  So, i…


Hello everyone. It is monday morning and I am here, and not yet asleep. How was the weekend? It was a fine weekend with me. I had my forth session with my trainer at the gym today. I started with 10 minutes HIIT run at the treadmill. He was concerned over my leg, and I…