Hi everyone ! Happy 30th birthday to me. Another year older, another year wiser, another awesome year ahead. My mom and good friend has been wishing me happy birthday even before the clock strike 12. Guess they love me too much huh. 😂  

How do i feel? Older? Nah, i feel grateful that i survive this life until today, am grateful to God for giving me chance to experience life, and to get through all the hurdles He has given to me in life.i still can remember all the laughter and tears, sweats, and neverending worries on life, and how to live as honest as possible. 

I came back from the gym today, another session with my personal trainer. He challenge me with HIIT 1-3mins on the ski-like machine, towing and treadmill with 7.30mins/km pace. HIIT to alternate with the olympic style weight lifting. Today is upperbody day. He taught me to do the olympic lift, with 5kg weights of course. And 7.5kg for back press. LOL. I enjoyed my training, i hope i can progress well in achieving my ultimate goal. 💪💪💪 i need to shed my bodyfat percentage to 20% and to increase my muscle mass. Need to get back to my 23years old body but more toned liked Agnez Mo 💪💪 

Wish me luck. That’s how i started my 30s, to be stronger and betta 😘 

Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Anggun! I think this name suited you. Lol Oh yea tried to bump into you the other night at the Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run but didn’t see you at the arch. Guess next time? 🙂

    1. anggun3 says:

      Hahat thank youuuu 😘😘
      Ya been using d same username since i first start using the internet
      Ya i guess its too many ppl near the arch hahaha. Next time then 🙂

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