Newton Gravity III


Hello better !! I’ve lost my Newton Distance U, Merrells minimalist and Nike free together with my car during carjack incidents months ago. I don’t have proper running shoes that can log lotsa mileage, am not confident with my Newton Energy as that is the transition shoes from normal running shoes to newton. 

So, i was in contemplation for a few weeks and finally, i said it to myself. Fuck it. Sooner or later you’ll buy. 

And.. Tada.. New shoes. Hmmm running shoes tempt me more than high heels nowadays. Damn. What is wrong with me. 


Unboxing the beast 


 I predict this gonna be heaty as the gravity, but this is with 5 lugs  

It was a indecisive moment between Gravity III and Distance III. Am used to distance, its slightly lighter and less cushioning, but the color wasnt attractive at all. Distance III in white (above picture) and in yellow. 

Gravity III however, in the heavier side of Newton but it has more cushioning, structure wise is more constructive, on top of the like of Newton line but also, at the higher side of price for Newton shoes. Gravity III is at RM649 whereas Distance III is at RM509. 

anyway, color is my last decision point. Orange looks amazing. Another color for Gravity III is pink. My salomon speedcross is in Pink. So, enuff of pink for me. 


 Another color for Gravity III and Distance III


Look at the 5 lugs. This technology really change the way i run. I used to run and hit the ground with d heel first but this changes me to be forefoot/middlefoot running. and i got less knee pain after that. 

Have yet to try it, think i’ll go to KLCC park tomorrow or something. 

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