Today was my first (eh, second training with my personal trainer. I recently engage a PT to help me get back to my fitness. I can’t do it myself with my own will in the gym, so i need someone there to push me, even if it involve paying more. I have nothing to lose….

Gastronomical break

It’s all about gastronomical-adventure to the little town with twin tower recently. I need my time-break from Penang, and I need my time alone. I do enjoy excellent wine and dine 🙂 Complimentary bread, dipped into olive oil and balsamic vinegar Seafood Cioppino -Mussels, calamari, clams and shrimps sautéed in white and tossed in a spicy…

I am Blair Waldorf

Seriously, I am more and more in love with headband. I just bought another Sereni & Shentel from M Store at The Gardens. I bought a blair in light silver and it looks great with my new honey oat hair (and also matches my grey flats). Ha,ha. Mandy looks awesome too, but let’s buy it…


It’s tuesday & I just came back from my short trip to KL for the sole purpose of getting the convocation robe & other important items required for the convocation ceremony. It was rather hectic journey & i end up rushing to everywhere as I was in KL for less than 24 hours or so….

Work Trip

I just came back from work trip to KL yesterday night. I was in KL for four days. Fly off on wednesday noon with the boss & the engineer & checked in to the nearest hotel in Putrajaya. At first, I was kinda nervous presenting our proposal to the committee members. It was my FIRST…