I am Blair Waldorf

Seriously, I am more and more in love with headband. I just bought another Sereni & Shentel from M Store at The Gardens. I bought a blair in light silver and it looks great with my new honey oat hair (and also matches my grey flats). Ha,ha.

Mandy looks awesome too, but let’s buy it for another time. Ha.ha.

I am thinking of buying another kuching cat, maybe in lemon or aqua/turquoise color or even nude pink. Oh how I love pink (eww).

Not much of an impulsive buy this time, thank god. I walked into Dorothy Perkin at Bangsar Village in a tee & jeans and came out in a dress. Then I did my hair at my favourite salon at Telawi, visiting pro shop at Lucky Garden & off to The Gardens and Midvalley. Ha,ha. All planned, and listed in the to-buy list.

I splurge (ahem, invested) in a Bobbi Brown collection. Not the whole from A-to-Z primer to loose powder, but just the basics that get me going. Ha,ha. I was wondering, can I use my water color sable brush to work on my face for makeup? Ha,ha. After all, face is another canvas where the artist at work. Bluek. I am so in love with my pretty face palette, limited edition. The palette is inspired by the Brown’s signature natural, healthy look. It’s just a combination of pink and brown look, and also a lovely rosy glosses & a blusher that made you look like you are blushing in one. Awesome. I love my tinted eye brightener in portable pen too. Enough to lift and brighten the undereye without looking too done.

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