Resolution 2019

Wow. day in and day out, and it’s only a few days shy from 2019. Time fly extremely fast especially when you are crazy busy everyday!

I am supposed to complete my Hawaii and Korea post, and here I am, a year after the trip and yet, i only wrote day 1 in Maui and I can’t remember what I wrote for Korea. Sorry, life has taken over my life (meaning I have life now instead of just hanging out in the world wide web), particularly I’ve been putting my head into work, and work without any bonuses and increment. Eh.

I can’t even begin to write anything about my life in 2018. It’s 3.07 am now and i think this is one of those rare day that I stayed up really late. I am no longer partying or pulling a nighter; life at 33 need more dozing time and trying to balance everything. anyway, am on leave tomorrow so that give me excuse to stay up extra late.

Let’s recap what i have achieved this year from the list of resolution that I keep on writing every year end to keep me on track in life. My 2018 resolution, you can read it here, but i’ll copy, paste and mark-up my achievement below;

  1. To raise enough fund to buy my first property. I have cleared my education loan, need to sell all my stock market shares and trust fund for the downpayment. I managed to buy my first property in KL, re-shuffle my financial commitment, and able to raise fund for the 10% downpayment, and able to get a finance loan from the bank. Alhamdulilah.
  2. I need to settle my income-tax too, Urgh. I settled my income-tax this year too. amen.
  3. I need to do some reflection on my current working position. Is this where I want to be? Can I sustain financially with a stagnant pay but with an ever increasing inflation rate in Malaysia. 4.3% as of November 2017? Do I need to jump again, and how is the current construction industry market forecast for 2018? Think. Observe. 2 years without any increment nor knowing where I stand, I need to move on to another job. 2 years of my life frozen without any stepping on the ladder when other people becoming director and/or associate. And am stucked as a landscape architect, and am still here. 
  4. To maintain the current regular-workout, and to eat healthily. I still want to lose weight and get back to my old size. Perhaps 2 size smaller than now. I maintain regular workout, but yet, i gain in mass. Perhaps I should watch what I eat, and not let stress lead the way.
  5. To do full health screening sometime next year, I need to go and see Gynae. Ok, I haven’t do this health screening this year. I need to do this. 
  6. Travel and more travel next year! I need to save for 2019 New York trip too ! Yes, I travel to Manila-Philippines, Shanghai-China, Vientiane-Laos, Seoul,Busan & Jeju Island-South Korea and Singapore for work. 
  7. No 4, 8  and 9 carry forward from 2017. Migration still keeping in view of opportunities, out-going and outspoken? Am becoming anti-social this year, so this one failed. and fashionable and looking sharp? Fail too.
  8. To be financially independent, and able to pay everything on my own. Yes, I am financially independent, and able to pay everything on my own. check, and check! 
  9. To slowly let go, and love myself more. and, to open up myself. I have ‘fuck-off’ sign on my forehead for the past 2 years. I need to take down that sign now. It is going to be extremely hard, but I need to try, I got to try. I still have the ‘fuck-off sign on my forehead.


Yes I achieved most of the items listed in my 2018 resolution. I am particularly happy with the re-structuring of my financial commitment, and getting a property is the biggest commitment you will take in life. Being able to more forward in career also essential but I failed to move or to find better opportunity as am too busy with work, and endless struggle in the construction world. But, I will not let myself be bullied again, I got to make a stand and walk away if whatever vision the organisation has, differ from my own vision. I shall make a move.

Here are the list of items that I want to do in the year 2019, and am confident that this is the year that I will seize and better opportunity and luck coming my way. I have struggled and being a back-bencher in the past few years, 2019 is the time for me to shine !

  1. I want to travel to at least 4 new places in a year. This is a yearly resolution and I need to keep up with this momentum to keep me as i am today. I am thinking of New York, but I would need to save more money, (or if I can get better job with better travel opportunities, that would be awesome). Apart from NY, I always wanted to go to Spain-Grenada & Barcelona, Vienna & Salzburg-Austria, Myanmar, want to go to Mongolia, Sydney or back to London. Have yet to plan but these are a few that I keep in mind, and heart for 2019.
  2. I want to start saving for the house renovation. I know I am financially independent but saving is still in the below list, I got to start saving 10% of my monthly income.  God please help me with this.
  3. Job opportunities. I seriously need to find better job opportunities that could take me higher that where I am now. I got to start updating my resume and portfolio. I am suffocated with the stagnant / no increment where I have to ABSORB inflation and whatnot and reduce my purchasing power. I got to think 10 times to buy new shoes to replace my existing one shoes with holes that am wearing everyday for month! I never splurge, and come to zero shopping spree. Pay higher? Fucker my purchasing power going downhill. It’s fucking frustrating. The worst part, other people climbing up ladder, and here I am working my ass off, losing myself and still, stagnant in current position.
  4. I want to start taking care of my health, with regular check-up, regular pampering – facial, massage, waxing, regular workout and control diet.
  5. IF i have extra cash after all the saving for the year, I would want to buy my first luxury bag. Am thinking of saffiano or celine luggage tote. Yep, business bag.
  6. I want to be my old-self, the care-free iDa I once was. The passionate iDa.
  7. To go back home more often to see my parents. Yep.
  8. To start putting on sunblock on a daily basis. I have started this habit for 2 weeks now and hopefully i can follow through.
  9. To be bold in what i do, and to ditch that timid behavior.


That’s all that I can think of, and perhaps, would like to achieve all in the year 2019. I know I can. Beeming positivity and light to 2019, I know 2019 is my shining year, I can feel it already, and I can’t wait to seize the opportunities, everyday!



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