Head in the sand

Perhaps the lack of self-reflectiion and self-motivation made me, kinda lost myself in this life. I was suffocated, and living aimlessly without much direction for the past 2 years. I did not cherish life much, and been living in auto-pilot.

All i think about is the work dateline, and how to make sure sticky has enough food on his bowl, and staying broke from month to month to feed my wanderlust demon.

I lost a lot of friends intentionally, and some unintentionally. I am becoming introvert again, and only able to tolerate myself, and Sticky. and then people around me getting sick, and sort. It sort of making me feel sad, and I retract myself from the world again, living in little office, commuting to and fro home to office, and locked myself in the house over the weekend, before monday start again.

On top of that, I do gym-hopping, but I did not make friends. I gave a straight fuck off face am here to workout not socialise kinda face.

holler me. am kinda lonely talking to no one.

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