Escape, Teluk Bahang

It was a fun weekend for me this week in Penang. We decided to escape from the computers and Internet and becoming a monkey & sort.

The newly opened adventure park at Teluk Bahang called Escape. It’s a truly fun and adventurous playground for the big kids. ahahaha. We spend most of the time at Monkey Business, flying and crawling from one tree to another. Maximum fun achieved and it really build up self-confidence and also personal strength.

There are few others play adventure like Gecko Tower (sorta wall/tower climbing challenge), tubby racer (dry slide down the terrain in high speed), you got a chance to challenge yourself to climb a coconut tree too and so on.

The monkey business

Me fire-foxing. Ahahahaha!! I mean, flying fox from one tree to another

Another challenge, to balance a plank of wood

Quite a straight forward challenge, I was quite scared of the u-shaped rope before this one though

This is the scariest, and I managed to do it with flying colors!

ahahaha a pose before continuing Level 2 journey

The team!

Nice design, green roof and rainwater harvesting.

This is what landscape archi all about. Sorta.

Interesting aye?

Feeling stuffed with metropolitan life? Head to Escape for rejuvenation, and to find yourself.

For me, it’s like coming back home to Sabah. Not that I’m always hanging in KK though. Ahahaha.

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