Letter to the 10 years old iDa

To my 10 years old self,

Don’t be Fred that you’ll be alone. You will be alone, but you are stronger than anyone you’ll ever met.

Don’t be worry if you don’t have much friend, as most friend come and go.

Don’t be scared of darkness and storm, for you sail great in these condition.

Don’t be afraid to fall in love, as it hurts but you’ll value yourself more.

My dear 10 years old self, you will spread your wings and fly away. You will catch your dream, and nothing can stop you that. There are time you’ll fall, you feel that you’d be alone, and nobody there to catch you. Yes, it’s sucks but you will be okay because you have used to depends on yourself for everything.

You are an independent angel. You can drag yourself to be admitted to hospital, without the need of the ambulance. You managed to drag your broken ankle to see the specialist, alone. On foot.
You will manage to travel and explore the foreign country alone, even when English is not their first language.

You will have a stubborn heart. You will never let anyone or anything charmed you. But when you do, you love them dearly, and you will do anything for them to make them happy. You have a softer heart that not many can see.

But outside, you are one tough cookie.

You bring positiveness and sunshine to the people around you. You are the sunshine.

Learn, experience, be grateful for life. You are the light.

I am, 28 years old now, and I keep on forgetting that.

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