Sunday blues

Hello everyone. Am having coffee and cake at one of my favorite coffee shop here in Georgetown, Penang. Trying to cheer myself up with coffee and writing. I feel so depressed and at loss there few weeks. Too much things going on, and will happen this few months. I feel so, alone.

It is going to be another life changing path for me starting tomorrow.i have to bear all those consequences, changing in direction, and starting life all over again. It tick me, that I’ve been leaving home for 10 years now. I feel that the sound in my head, and the restlessness in heart due to the longing to be home. To have a home. A real home.

I’ve been in exile, and struggling day to day to survive and to pursue my dream got me a bit of sore neck, and aching feet. I lost touch of the thing like, the comfort of home, or comfort food. For I, everything is practical, and good enough for survival.

I will be in putrajaya for the Xterra 11km off trail run end of April and will be in Kota Kinabalu for the sun down Borneo International Marathon and also the Malaysia’s GE.

See, i keep on running. But after that, god will lead the way for me. amen.

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