I find the loss of passion for writing when I started working in Penang, due to the depressing moment/busy social life/never ending work. I am becoming a bitter person for the past 2 years.

Nothing and nobody can help me to turn back myself to the person I used to be, full of hope & sunshine. The person who always look on the bright side, always push herself to the better life etc. I made a pack to be my old self again.

No more whining, no more depressing post, no more dark ages. I am giving myself a second change to change. Let’s ubah.

To make things official (ha,ha yes, am so-called vain-celebrity in my own blog), I have resigned from my current job as Landscape Architect, 2 weeks ago and my last day with the company would be on the 15th May 2013.

There. Out in the world. Want to hire a landscape architect? You can email me at anggun3 at gmail dot com. I’ll be moving to KL by end of this month, unless you want to hire me, I’ll consider relocating to other place.

As of my PhD research, I’ll make a pack to see my supervisor and discuss things with him.

I am currently in Kota Kinabalu, till 5th May for Borneo International Marathon. But too bad, the run is postponed. Oh, well. I’ll just enjoy Kota Kinabalu, and the comfort of home. Got lotsa things to do once am flying back to Penang. Packing, planning, scheduling, moving and sort. and yes, am doing it alone.

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