Excited and yet, terrified


Yep, I am excited and yet, terrified. I will be flying off to Putrajaya next week (excited) with my boss (terrified) for a presentation (terrified, pee in the pants) of my recent assignment. I have told the boss that I am going to extend my stay (excited) for another round of shopping (VERY excited).

Ah. I hate mixed-feelings at one time. Because by then, you will equally balance it out so in the end, I am neither excited nor terrified of it. 

So yeah. I am *giggling* and grinning by just thinking what I am going to do in KL but at the same time, I am worried, on to present my proposal to the panel of people.

Awww. Help me. I finished drawing up the outline of the presentation but I have yet to prepare my speech text. Ah. Need to be technical. T.E.C.H.N.I.C.A.L.


On the other note,

I am quite ecstatic over my recent purchase of the dSLR. I am STILL trying to figure out how to balance out the shutter speed, aperture, ISO thingy etc in the creative mode function.

It is useless to buy SLR if you are just using the automatic mode. Hell, better to buy power-shot or any other point-&-shoot camera. it is just a waste to buy a SLR for an automatic mode.

mwhahahaha. I am going bonkers. 

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