Desperate Housewives

I have been occupied with the latest, sensational hourly updates on the Malaysian politic-sphere this week. The plot is getting interesting.

More drama. More controversy. More twist-tale. More declare-retract statutory/statement. More anal. mwhahaha. 

It is mind boggling to understand the whole plot if you are not watching/reading/observing it from the first episode (or season). 

So stay tune & blog-hop for more updates! 

Recommended reading:

1. Seven Conspiracy Theories 

2.  Statutory Declaration 

Don’t even try to figure out why, how, who, when, etc.

It is just a waste of time. (like what Sabahan would say: bikin panas seja oh. ha,ha)

Treat it like a fiction book you are currently reading. Or a second season (or maybe forth) of desperate housewives  politico. Ha,ha.

No offense to anyone! I’m just bored out of my head.

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