Resolution 2016

OK, I have to let go of the burnout 2015. I can’t wait for 2016. So many things happened, so many things learned this year. I can’t wait to start afresh for next year. Let’s recap what I need to achieve this year.

You can read my 2015 resolution post here.

1. Getting my own place. For real. I might not be able to collect enough fund for downpayment, but I have spotted where I see myself living in the next few years. The only place that I am interested in calling it my home is the project am working on now. So fingers cross, work harder, and soon I’ll call this my home. amen.

Oh hell yeah. I got my own place here in Hartamas area. It share the same postcode as Mont Kiara. So, yes. I am 50480 baby! 

2. Letting go, of the person that won’t have any future with me. Slowly letting it go. I can do it ida.

I have. Achieved this. Moving on. 

3. Hoping, and unconditional love. I am still here, will always be here.

Yes, I do still.

4. Travel and travel more. Kathmandu, Xi’an, Bali, Lombok, Japan, States. Amen.

Hmmm.. Nepal, Netherland, Japan. XI’an, Bali and Lombok didn’t achieved because the earthquake/volcanos spoil the whole plan. 

5. Getting back to the fit ida. i can settle down with 54kg with bigger boobs & ass rather than 52kg. hahaha.

I failed this one. Need to achieve by next year. Carry forward!! 

6. Diversifying my financial portfolio. High-risk investment. Building capital. Real estates. Natural resources. US-funds. You tell me.

Carry forward.

7. Saving for 2016 South America adventure. Trying to find travel buddy/-ies.

Like I said, 2015 is such a burnout. Even burn a hole in my pocket. But am saving for the Lapland 2017. 

8. Career jump !! Negotiating to double up my earning by next year. I am worth more than I am now, I can confidently tell you that. Career-wise scope should go towards running to open on my own. That is kind of knowledge and experience that I need to get for, and to be extremely competent.  I am running 7 projects on my own, so this shouldn’t be a problem innit?

Ok, seriously need to consider this in 2016. 

9. To polish more on my PR. Should ditch my shyness and bravely talk to people, casual talking. Buddy-buddy. Get and lobby for a job (projects) shall be my next target.

Again, as per no. 8

10. To smile more. Take care of my health, body and face. Get that awesome healthy looking hair, flawless face, nice tan, and that Sabahan smile that melt everyone’s heart.

Smile seems to be missing from my face this year. Need to take care of my health, body and face, as these stay the last in my list, because am taking care of more important stuff. So, carry forward.

11. Sorting out items to do, for the possibility to migrate to … (refer to my wish list) 🙂

Ok. Seriously need to consider this.

So, what would I want to achieve next year?

  1. Buy this property. Either in Damansara Heights, Hartamas, Mont Kiara, or, Damansara Perdana.
  2. Last resolution no. 5: Getting back to the fit ida. i can settle down with 54kg with bigger boobs & ass rather than 52kg. hahaha.
  3. Last resolution no. 6:Diversifying my financial portfolio. High-risk investment. Building capital. Real estates. Natural resources. US-funds. You tell me.
  4. Last resolution no. 6,7 and 11. Seriously need a career jump. Perhaps, London?
  5. More travel, and travel, and travel. Lombok, Hokkaido, Vietnam, or perhaps, Gold Coast? Lapland for #chasinglights project in 2017 stays. Even if I have to go there alone.
  6. Taking care of my parents. I miss them, and how I wish, they can stay with me here, on and off. Or am flying back home more often.
  7. Need to get that LAr. Time to appeal to sit for professional exam.
  8. To be more fit. Embrace the fitness lifestyle, more crossfit and running. Maybe I should invest in a bicycle? Good start?
  9. To love unconditionally. To love doesn’t mean you need to own it.
  10. What else I want to achieve when am turning 31 years old next year? Good health, good family, passionate in work, contented with life, connecting back to God. Amen.
  11. I’ve been reading and taking up online classes from all the top universities in the US as continuous lifelong development, and it’s time for me to start thinking of starting my own start-up company in which:
    1. I need to master the software coding for website and mobile;
    2. change this website to be more than just a blog.
    3. Try to get a place at MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. This is tough. But this would be my December project.

Ok i’ll add again when I can think of. Seriously need to do self-reflection.


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