Puteri Gunung Ledang in Concert


A friend of mine, won 2 tickets to see #PGLinConcert where she participated in the Malaysia Airlines instagram contest (i was the one who tagged her, but didn’t get a chance to participate myself because i was so dang busy at work). We got the rock zone whereby, its a no seating area and very close to the stage. 

The concert was amazing. Lovely actor and actress, amazing background animation and lighting effect, and to make the whole experience surreal, am just like, 10feet away from all. 

The show will run from 20th-24th March 2015 at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. 

Some of the snippet and photos to entice you all.. 


Opening act 


  Amazing percussion


Puan Seri Tiara amazing as always


 Putri and Bayan


 Modern-age Hang Tuah being introduced to the audience


 My best shot of her using iPhone 6. Still the jelitawan that i adore


 Amazing act and performance by these two talented Malaysian. 


 The boys 


 The whole cast

I have lotsa other amazing photos from the concert, but let me keep it to myself and go watch this yourself at Istana Budaya for an amazing, and heartmoving experience. 


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