Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run 2015


This was my first run in 2015 and i ran slow. Am still not confident with my knee, and calf after the incident but it turned out to be just fine. 

It means am fully recovered and i can increase my endurance training, now that the injury is out of the way. 

It was a cooling, and windy but very humid run at Putrajaya. It was alright, we went to the new route, as per my colleague said, like d BSN HM route as we passing by some cemetry n sort.  

 My colleagues and I


The magazine booth

Some lighted outdoor furniture


 Lady DJ spinning

Cool down area by dettol. Look at the next picture:


 My picture with men’s health mag 


 Yep. I do have picture with d women’s health cover but, its in my instagram 


 Starting off the 12km


 They are introducing the new magazine, Women’s Health magazine 


 During the run, took the picture when i slow down 


 The medal, finisher medal. 


 Yep, with our medal


 Look what’s inside the goodie bag !! 

Good run ! 


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