Attitude Adjustment

I had a heart to heart talk with the boss just now. Yep, she’s right. I’m still not used to the working environment. I only talk when needed; I’m not participating in the office gossips; I’m being very formal with the boss etc.

Yeah I do notice that; I’m trying to get used to the surrounding & the people around me as well in the office environment. They (the colleagues) have been very helpful & nice to me. Well I think it’s me that not yet open up to them. I don’t break the ice. Not that I don’t want to but it’s quite hard for me to open up to strangers or new acquaintances. I am always alone; I don’t talk a lot & I always keep things to myself. In the other words, I don’t share. But of course when they needed help, I always lend a hand or when I am stuck with something, I’ll asked them for advice or ways to handle things.

Give me time.
I’m sure I’ll get used to the surroundings. 🙂 I will!

Today I received my first paycheck! yeay! It’s just a humble first paycheck so don’t expect me to spend y’all! 🙂 ha.ha.

I’m quite disappointed with the paycheck because after deduction of EPF, Socso & my half day unpaid emergency leave (darn that interview), I received only certain amount of salary. The great one said that I shall cut my coat according to my cloth & that asking me how come people with 4 children with loads of loans able to survive with the same amount that i got. The great one’s right. So I shall be grateful with what I received. teehee.

Tomorrow is saturday! I’m so looking forward to weekend. When I was a student, I feel that weekends is just like any other day. But now since I’m working, I realize how people feel when it comes to weekend! and public holiday! Not that I’m looking forward to weekend or anything, but now I understand how working people feel towards the weekend. LOL.

So I, myself, too, glad that tomorrow is saturday. I shall drag Jessie to go to the Yogalates class tomorrow! Ha.ha.

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