So what?

Hey ya all! It’s been a while since I post something personal here. All of these while I’ve been blogging on what’s happening in my daily life in Penang. Well, I personally feel that this course (oh come on, I got to blog other than work related (before) and studies (now), once a while. dang) is like taking a double bachelor degree instead of a master degree. The amount of time and workload is double (or triple) as compared to BSc. Of course you can not compare BSc and MSc as both are at different level but lets compare with other MSc related. Other major i.e. Project Management, and other related coursework only have at least 3 days of lectures while we, 5 days a week- morning up to 5pm (7pm on thursday). Argh. OK I shall not complaint. It is a coursework afterall. teehee.

I just came back from PHS1, borrowed some book on site surveying, visual impact assessment (vs. EIA), and some guidelines in establishing parks in Malaysia. I wanted to borrow one book of planning guidelines and/or reference as recommended from one of the PhD student but I forgot the author name and the title. dang. 

I wanna go to Kinokuniya again!! and Basheer bookstore. Wanted to buy books on landscape construction etc. I will be taking landscape construction next semester (or 3rd semester, I’m not so sure) but I wanted to read about it first. It is so dang interesting 🙂

teehee. and of course, i wanted to do something about visual impact assessment and/or landscape/environmental modelling for my Project. I wonder whether I can do that. 🙂

Drop by the Convex Expo to buy my dinner there. Bought some kuey teow, quarter chicken & the A&W root beer float. Yummy. 

The  food was okay but what I’m trying to show it here is that, no plastic/polystyrene is used during the expo. In which every stall require to use the recycle food pack and paper bag as shown below:


Good effort. Now we can extend the lifespan/ capacity of our landfill. He,he. 😛

I’ll blog again on the effort of maintaining a good earth citizen (i refused to use sustainable word, it is toooooo loosely define & widely used- Not that I’m against it but come on, I’ll blog about it again later) during the Convex Expo. I’ll bring my baby for a walk tomorrow & I’ll cover the convex event (just like a reporter, or paparazi). ha,ha.

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