Pennies from heaven

Nothing much happening last weekend, all i did was getting chased by deadline and more & more sketching.

Last weekend, I went to the bookstore and bought a step by step book on how to design & render. hahaha. yep. I need that. Today, Basheer bookstore selling books in front of the HBP lecture hall. I bought one landscape design book called the sourcebook of contemporary landscape design by Alex Sanchez Vidiella. It cost a bomb, but all landscape architecture books are costing an arm & a leg so what is there to complaint. ha,ha.

It is a thorough collection of case studies from every landscape design projects possible, i.e. from parks, private homes, offices and those large-scale government-sponsored creations. 


I wanted to buy the 1000x landscape architecture, a whole box of landscape graphic in one book (and definitely cost a bomb) but I guess the above-book is sufficient for me, for now. Please, anyone if want to buy me gift, get me either iPhone 3Gs, 1000x landscape architecture book and/or a set of daler downey sable water color brush 🙂 eheheheehe.


(ISBN: 3938780606)

I am still thinking of that Charles & Keith black bag! I bought the nude handbag though. Ahh.

Convex 09 (convocation ceremony for usm) will start this wednesday. My classes would be cancelled that day as more than half of the class will be graduating (they will be receiving their degree scroll). I am thinking of going to Chowrasta Road to get those pickles for my mommy before my flight back to BKI this saturday. 🙂 weeeee! Of course the plan subject to change, I can never confirm my plan nowadays. Everything play by ears. hmmm.

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