The reason why I


Please remind me again why I wanna be a landscape architect. This is the reason. I would love to design this kind of resort-like outdoor landscape. I’m just so into it.

I fell in love with Shangrila’s Tanjung Aru & Rasa Ria, Dalit beach, the award-winning Nexus Karambunai resort, the integrated resort Sutera Harbour to name a few major resorts around Kota Kinabalu. I grew up within these resorts, and hence, why I feel like home when I enter into one. Nothing much that really caught my eyes here in Penang except for the Hard Rock Hotel & also Shangrila’s Golden Sand/Rasa Sayang. I’m not sure of the newly renovated Lone Pine Hotel. I saw my former UM classmate held her wedding reception at the Lone Pine’s beachfront and it was awesome. I’ll drop by the place in the weeks to come.

No matter what, I will not give up. I will follow my dream, even though it is going to be a winding road.

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