Agua, Straits Quay


I had a fun time alone just now for sungkai. Please don’t ask me what it means, go google it peeps. I drove all the way to Straits Quay for dinner. It was just a brief traffic jam along jalan masjid negeri, and I managed to get to the place in time. It was a sheer driving. I enjoy it so much. Also, I am enjoying my mediterranean food as well. It was a fine dining, and may be not suitable for the conservative. I wanted to order paella, it is a spanish rice cuisine. In a Malaysian term, it is like a nasi goreng mixed with seafood, veggie and whatsnot. OK, maybe in paella they put prawn, mussels, saffron, and some that I may not be able to eat.

However, I ordered a dinner set comprising a pumpkin/orange soup, a lamb shank and a lemon pie merengue. I got to tell you, I so love the taste of the pumpkin and orange combination in a soup. It is not the thick-like soup, it is more like a clear soup and served with croton and garnished with parleys. Awesome. If I have my own kitchen, I’m sure I’m going to try to cook that.

Lamb shank is not a disappointment either. The chef did a very good job in slow-cooking the lamb. The meat is so soft, and easily to be cut into pieces.  The lamb is served with skin potatoes and a slice of tomato, and cooked in olive oil 🙂 Simply awesome. I don’t know how to judge really, because I am not used to the Mediterranean cuisine, but by just using my tastebud, and my high expectation towards everything. The food taste nice to me. So i love it 🙂

Come to dessert, oh my gosh, I almost had my orgasm when I mix the vanilla ice cream to the lemon pie merengue. Oh, so good I tell you. The texture, the cold, the sour, sweet, bitter and crunchy crust. Oh yes!

Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to take picture of my appetizer and main course. I was too engossed with the gastronomic foreplay. Ha,ha.

It is a fine dining. So, yeah. You know what I mean.

Note: Agua Mediterranean Cuisine is at Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, Penang. 

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