Hawaii – Explore Maui


I always wanted to explore Maui. Not because of the Maui character in Disney’s Moana movie (OK, I don’t even finish watching this animation, because.. it is an animation). LOL.

Maui is a name of Demi-God of Polynesia. Three remote enters, Hawaii in the north, Tahitian in the east, and New Zealand in the south share the same legends, as told in the same way , with little variation in names. According to the legend, Maui made a voyage after overcoming a sea monster, visiting the Tongas (Tahitian group), Vai-i (Hawaiian group) and Paumotu Island. Then Maui went on to U-peru (should be Peru). It was said that Maui named some of the island, as a remembrance of his efforts in lifting up the heavens.

Geographically, Maui is the second largest among the Hawaiian islands (first is the Big Island- or what you called is Hawaii island). Island of Maui also called the “Valley Isle” for the large isthmus dividing it’s northwestern and southwestern volcanic masses. Maui is a volcanic dublet, that two shield of volcanoes that overlapped each other to form an isthmus between them. On the west, the highest peak is Pu’u Kukui at 5,788 feet ( 1,764m) , whereas Haleakala is the younger summit on the east, rising more than 10,000 feet (3,000 amsl) that measure 8 km from seafloor to summit.

Day 1

To go to Maui, we took Hawaiian Airlines inter-island flight from Oahu Island (Honolulu) to Maui (Kahului airport). There are three (3) airport in Maui; Kapalua on the northwest, Kahului at the north, and Hana on the northwest with Kahului serve as major airport hub with inter island and oversea flights. It was just over an hour flight from Honolulu to Kahului.

It was really, an exhausting journey. KUL-KIX for 6 hours, transit for 2 hours, KIX-HNL for 7 hours, transit at Honolulu for 4 hours, HNL-OGG for 1 hour. That is about 20 freaking hours! On top of that, we waited for our airport shuttle for an hour or so. We took speedy shuttle (you can google about this shuttle, it is famous there, and reliable). So we managed to arrive at our hotel/inn at Lahaina town at about 7pm, on the 1st December 2017.

We booked the cheapest available hotel in Lahaina, and its at the centre of the town. It is walking distance to the main street in Lahaina. However, once we walk in to the inn, the reception lady that about to clock-out from her shift, said that she unable to check us in due to the air con problem in surpassingly out booked room. They upgraded us to their sister resort at Kaanapali beach, which is 10 minutes away and she asked us to go there and check-in. We said that we do not have any transportation to go there as we took the speedy shuttle from the airport. She then called up the resort and request for somebody to pick us up.

At first we’re not too keen on moving to another hotel because it is at Kaanapali beach (where all the five star resorts and golf courses located, and we do not have car to move around). Just that we are too tired to argue on staying there, and 10 minutes later, the front desk manager himself pick us up and bring us to the resort.

It was indeed, a five-star resort (with average USD250 per night during shoulder season, and up to USD650 per night during high-season). We paid for about USD100 per night at Lahaina, and yes, we were lucky for the upgrade.


Okay, I was too tired to take photos of the resort when we arrived. I just wanted to go to the room and lie down, and eat! Starving. Sleepy. Tired.

The next day..

View from my room

Hello Kaanapali beach !

I’ll continue day 2 onwards in the next post. Got to sleep (early) as work commence tomorrow.

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  1. Why didn’t u finish watching Moana? Punya best tu movie xD

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