Back to black

ah I hate it. I’ve been writing more than 1000 words and accidentally of clicking back button, and everything i wrote is gone. Dang it.

Weekend come again, and I woke up super-early today because I have to drive all the way to Tanjung Tokong for my morning swimming lesson. Then I had my breakfast at Straits Quay, and head to Gurney to do some chore and chop off my hair. Yes. I am bald now. LOL.

Been wanting to write a lot of things here about what’s been happening but I don’t have much time to actually sit down, switch on my macbook pro and to actually access wordpress and write. It’s saturday noon and I am not going to the office today to do work, so I have ample time to write something here.
1. I have finally able to superseded my hydro phobia. I managed to actually swim a breaststroke style just now, and am very happy with my achievement. Although my body is not in sync, it will come back to places once I am in sync with it. I will not stop learning and to finally swim like a mermaid. I will finally tick off my 5 years old resolution from my list. Alhamdulillah.
2. I am back to black. Not black but ash brown. I’ve been legally blond for the past few months. Not blonde but, very bright highlight that made me look exactly like a Pinoy. Yes. When i look into the mirror, am still trying to get used to dark brown hair. 🙂
3. I will continue my pursuance to the higher knowledge. Am trying to find and explore that passion of mine to find out about new things, to explore, to solve problem. I am waking up to the real Ida. I’ve been in limbo for the past year, it’s time for me to wake up, smell the bed of roses and rises to the beautiful sunrise.
4. I am, will strive my very best to learn everything I can in this job am doing right now. Never that I regret switching to this field – though am quite ill-hearted that am still underpaid for my qualification. Oh well. Cest la vie.
5. I will cherish the most important people in my life; my parents. I love them dearly and am wishing them well. I know I haven’t been the good daughter, but the thoughts and pray for them that counts.
6. I can’t wait for my Phuket trip 🙂

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  1. Mos Ne says:

    Hey IDa, so nice you’ve started to learn swimming! /Thumbs Up/
    Wow you’re going to Phuket! That’s nice. Enjoy your trip to the fullest and take lots of pictures.
    Btw, hope you can set some time to join me/us for some friendly tennis practice sessions 😉 Ciao

    1. anggun3 says:

      Thank you mos! Yes, it’s now or never. Agood move to awaken the soul & to get back to the road that leads to your desired destination. Yes, will have fun & take lotsa pictures since am goin w a bunch on love 🙂 definitely, shall arrange friendly match soon, my tennis would be a bit rusty by now. Haha.

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