Somewhere in the middle

It’s 12am and i just came back home from work & showered. Phew. It’s going to be like this every night till my phuket trip. So much to do and so little time. My work is taking atoll of my life. I am doing nothing but work 24/7. Yes, work hard, play hard but I don’t even have time for a yamcha with friend, nor working out/exercising. My metabolism is going down the drain, and I feel heavier. I hate this feeling.

I am trying to fit in time on weekdays for any active activites i.e gym, tennis, running, etc but it’s just impossible. Oh, did i tell ya i signed up for celebrity fitness few months back and now they are closing down their outlet in Penang. Whoa. I have this faith with gym keep on closing on me. Remember KK gym few years back? and now it’s happening again here in Penang. Blergh.

I am tired. Literally tired.

Can i go back home now?

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