Hey! How’s d long weekend treating ya all malaysian? I hope everything good. I had a quiet, weekend ( except the massive traffic jam all over the island), been going to tennis lesson this weekend.

I don’t really have mood to blog, it’s 3.30am, I can’t sleep & still under the weather. I have deactivated my Facebook account due to circumstances. I’ll reactivate back when I’m back from Phuket. At least, I have a short, piece of mind. 🙂

How’s everyone doing? Please update me. Married? Migrated? New job?

Oh by the way, since Facebook is no longer accessible to keep in touch with me, you can contact me here, my twitter, or whatsapp 🙂

I know am losing reader, since I made this blog private too for half a year, but what is there to traffic count, and lotsa reader/follower when no one is real to me.

If you want to be my friend, find me in person. I no longer tolerate those who are there, digitally.

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