Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Travellers arriving to the Land below the wind may be greeted with this before 2008.

Ghetto fabulose, no? :p

Things start to change. 20.08.08 marked the new terminal building. The MYR 720-million building cater for larger crowd and better than the 70-ish look (LOL). With 64 check-in counters, 17 aircraft parking bays able to handle 3,200 passengers per peak hour.

According to the Malaysia Airports GM, the old terminal wing will be demolished for upgrading work so that the new KKIA could accommodate up to 9 million passengers.

Welcome! Selamat datang!

Oh wee. Green!

Parking bays overlooking the Crocker Range. Hmmm Crocker Range right? *mwhahaha.

KKIA mock-up i scooped from skyscrapercity.com

Upon arriving from Labuan work trip last week, I can’t help but to feel confused or rather scared that I took the wrong flight and thinking that I have been landed in KLIA instead of KKIA. (Sorry, no pictures taken during the arrival). heh.

Though Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) is not as great as HK Int. Airport, Changi Singapore or even our own KLIA but give us a break! At least no more hippy-international-airport look and the new terminal able to accomodate double and/or even triple the passengers load.

Afterall, KKIA is the second busiest airport in Malaysia. 🙂

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