it’s 12 am and plenty of things going on inside my head. I’m feeling awfully unfit, I am serious, gaining like 10 pounds in a year. that’s bad isn’t it? I want to be my old self, the freak and hardcore gym bunny, I want my flat abs back, I want my sexy shoulder back, I hate the feeling of covering up my body just because I don’t feel good of myself. I want my old self back!
apart from that worry, I have yet settle for my thesis proposal and studio design planning. I’m procrastinating, I’m watching sex and the city DVD re-run. I should be working on my proposal, research topic, issues and research gap. I need my reading materials, my citation. Ok, might not be as guilty as after studio just now, I went to the library to search on my interest subject in online databases I.e. proquest, springer link and my favourite, sciencedirect; back to the room and search some more. however, I don’t put anything into paragraphs yet. then i watch SATC season 3 and painting my nail to light pink, my favourite. and a nude on my feet. I feel awful I dint really doing anything constructive tonight. aww guilty as charged.

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