Becoming pro


Hey ya all.. How’s weekend treating ya? fine I hope. Despite the tremor felt in KL and a neverending downpour in KK, I hope everyone is fine and dandy.

I am feeling ok in Penang so far. As the title imply, I am not becoming pro in any way. I am just upgrading my hardware from macbook to macbook pro. Yep. The day has come to say sayonara to my almost 4 years old white macbook. The White ( Referring to my 2006/7 old macbook white) has been serving me well throughout my undergraduate final year, my work life in KL and a first year postgraduate year. I can never thank you enough. It was sad, to clear everything in the White last night (though I did transfer all the files, setting and application to the new pro via Time Machine), it’s just feel different without the White.

Ah. However,  it feels nice to have the latest (and the best) set of gadget. I am not 4 years behind the technology anymore. I am using the Core i5 with 4 gb RAM (upgradable up to 8GB) with integrated graphic cards and awesome multitouch pad!

I can swipe, pinch, twist and turn for almost anything you want to do, a new-age of better technology than a mice. Yeay.

As for the the fate of the White, I hope by now the White is in the good hand of people, younger generation that doesn’t have the opportunity to learn and experience with technology, I hope the White will becoming a key-driven for the young to enhance their learning, I hope the White can bring good knowledge and opportunity to the young. Ah. I just hope, I am doing the right decision to give it away.

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