Hey ya all! I’ve been caught up with the hectic life of preparing a thesis research proposal. Yep. I redo my topic, change it to more into heat island effect/global warming issue by looking into the hardscape of the outdoor spaces. I’ll blog about it later on, when I get sufficient knowledge on the issue. I should have enough information by now, but since ha,ha a last minutes proposal draft report to the lecturer, what do you expect on the 2-4.30am report? Wish me luck for the not-so-much-amendment in the future then. 🙂

OK the reason why I am posting this blog post is that I am announcing to the world that I’ll be going on a road trip to Langkawi tomorrow with the rest of the studio! Yeay!

Bye bye Penang. See you on sunday ! 🙂

Have a nice weekend ya’all!! :))

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