TGI Friday!


Hey ya all! HOw are you all doing? great I hope. I’m back in my bullet train life, where 24/7 is not enough here. Ah. I’ve been busy with the studio work and thesis research (though most of the time, I’m either sleeping, walking or watching sex & the city rerun). Ha,ha but I’m quite busy with workload. Studyload.

For the past week, I’ve been busy tracing (ops, in more bombastic word, digitizing) the whole of rivers system of Kuala Muda. It was a task I’m trying to avoid but, in the end I have to finish it whether i like it or not.

Anyway, apart from that, I’ve given my thesis proposal to my course coordinator and he has given me an architecture lecturer as my supervisor. The supervisor apparently is an expert in energy efficiency in building and outdoor as well as those involve thermal comfort in building/architecture as well as landscape architecture.

Great. And I have yet to polish my proposal and my work schedule before I’m officially introducing myself and my proposal to her. Ah. Wish me luck. And she’s one  of the lecturer that teaching environmental science for the first year of architecture student. Isn’t it great? :))

Today is friday and I feel like going out, but where in Penang that I got kaki’s to let my hair down? ha,ha. So I’m going to stay in the studio and working on my studio working paper and/or thesis proposal and scheduling. So, there… I’m totally a social outcast! No more night out with the gals or a hot date with a guy or club-hopping. Not even a weekend movie/dinner-out or a weekend at islands. Ahh. Now I feel bad. I want to go back home.

I want to go back to Kota Kinabalu. Where everyone knows each other. Where we hit the same club. Where the jam is only for 10 minutes. Where I can hear ‘ok bah kalau kau’ instead of ‘hang watpaaaa’.

Hmmm okay this is getting depressing. I shall end my post here and go do laundry.


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