Just another day

Do you know that I’m just plain lazy this month? I don’t know why… maybe because i’ve struggled enough for the past few months and suddenly the body & mind automatically in hibernate mode. Gosh. I’ve been dragging my feet to jump start on the thesis. Yes, I did went to Georgetown yesterday to inventorize the pavements at selected site, taking pictures for preference, brought back my printer to the room (previously, i put it in the studio), bought the printer ink, and the list goes on.

I should be going to Penang Meteorological Office at Bayan Lepas today but I woke up late. 🙂 Ok, will do that first thing in the morning, on monday! I’ve been dragging my feet to register for next semester, manually. I am blocked from registering online because I’ve not yet paid my housing fees. Well I did. I paid. But now i need to register all the subjects through the counter. Ah. Such a pain in the arse.

Apart from that, I finally found one trusted person that able to handle my hair. You know, I’m quite choosy when it comes to hairdresser. I’ve only trusted one stylist guy over the years, and he is based in KL-Kch-KK, well I’m in Penang now, don’t expect me to go to KL again to get a haircut (which I’ve been doing for the past few years before the favourite stylist open up the KK branch) ke,ke. OK, he goes by the name of Jeff, an artistic director in one of the salon in Gurney Plaza. He’s very competent and friendly, just a little lack of vocabulary though. But I’m fine with it. He has a cute & bubbly assistant, I forgot to ask her name. I managed to get a kerastase hair treatment and chopped off my dead ends hair. He did a double-reconstruction treatment. They put the elixir serum to my hair too 🙂

Anyway, no more frizzy-dead end hair for me. 🙂 yeay. Bought a shampoo & scalp treatment too. The bain gommage and the fluide purifiant as a scalp leave-in treatment. I have a bad scalp condition since I was a little, it’s a hassle to maintain a dandruff free day, I’ve been using so many products and all doesn’t give a lasting results. Hopefully this one able to control my dermatitis condition 🙂

Oh, and I’m on genifique too.

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