A cutey isn’t he? Aww. I was browsing last night and I came across him. He reminds me of my cat when I was little, a female cat i called it ‘mamau’, it should be ‘meow’ but i guess i was so young that I can’t pronounce meow, so it’s mamau.  Mamau was exactly like in the picture except that she has a darker color nose, and a slim figure and not too furry as this one.

I want to adopt this one. I so want to buy this from but I don’t think I can afford to give him life here in Penang. I got a small room, not enough space for him to roam around, I have no lawn (if you consider IH’s lawn is big, I can’t really trust him to roam around when I’m not around), and third, I might be heartbroken if he’s missing.

But I have fallen in love with him. His white fur, blue eyes. Awwww.

Credit to the seller of the cat for the picture above. You can find him here.

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