Food in Phuket

This fish ball something, it’s room service. I was dead hungry when I arrived & no energy to go down and get some food This is the best seafood restaurant in Patong, called Savoey. I had this craving fo nachos hard rock but the serving is too big This is part of the savoey seafood…

Phuket, Thailand 2.0

Hey ya all! It’s about time for me to write about my recent Phuket, Thailand trip. It was a refreshing trip, a gateway from endless stress at work, and life in general. An escape to lovely exotic life. Can I stay there forever? I love Phuket too much I feel that it’s my second home….

Sunset at Tanjung Aru

I love KK beaches. This may not be the best shots (& sunset) but it is good enough to make my day. Oh. I love Kota Kinabalu. 🙂

Classic Devil Eggs

  Refer to the previous Tanjung Aru picnic weekend with fellow tree-huggers, I voluntarily prepared garden salad & classic devil eggs for the clan. Talk about devil eggs, it was the first time I tried this recipe & I can’t believe how yummy & simple it is! 🙂 All you need is: 1. Hard-boiled eggs…

Chill & Grill

BBQ grill at Tanjung Aru Yes, I’ve been busy. Hence, the lack of update here. Enjoy the photos! 🙂  

Some say it’s heaven… again

I just love Karambunai beach. I can never  get bored visiting it over & over again.  Hanging out with bunch of loves at my favourite bar is the ultimate chill-out you could ask for!  View from the Sunset Bar, Nexus (Photo credit to NF, edited by me)

Some say its Heaven…

I had FUN at the Sunset Bar & Grill this evening! Great company, great ambience, great food & SUPER great guy singing all the favourite and/or evergreen tunes. I give 5-star for everything today! 🙂 Jessie picked me up around 5.30pm & we arrived at Karambunai around 6pm. Before settled in the restaurant/bar we strolled…