Classic Devil Eggs



Refer to the previous Tanjung Aru picnic weekend with fellow tree-huggers, I voluntarily prepared garden salad & classic devil eggs for the clan. Talk about devil eggs, it was the first time I tried this recipe & I can’t believe how yummy & simple it is! 🙂 All you need is:

1. Hard-boiled eggs

2. Salad dressing and/or mayonaise

3. Ground black pepper

4. Salt

5. Dry ground mustard

6. White vinegar

7. Paprika 

This is the most basic & simple ingredient for the devil eggs & yes, there are many variation to the recipe. I’m not going to write down how to do it here. You can check it out here!

OK, maybe the picture doesn’t justify now yummy it is but you gotta try it! Let me know! 

Oh how I love how the paprika tease my tastebud. 🙂

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