Food in Phuket


This fish ball something, it’s room service. I was dead hungry when I arrived & no energy to go down and get some food

20120923-110903 PM.jpg

This is the best seafood restaurant in Patong, called Savoey.

20120923-111213 PM.jpg

I had this craving fo nachos hard rock but the serving is too big

20120923-110922 PM.jpg

This is part of the savoey seafood

20120923-111410 PM.jpg

This is the most recommended restaurant. It’s actually a restaurant where local go, not much tourist spot. and the food i tell you, is outta of this world!

20120923-110941 PM.jpgSavoey!

20120923-111528 PM.jpgThis is another restaurant you should go. It’s (I-don’t-know-where)

20120923-111109 PM.jpg

The soup at the hotel breakfast.Niceee!

20120923-111036 PM.jpg

What I normally had in the morning. The complete american breakfast!

OK this post doesn’t do justice on phuket food. I didn’t take picture of those glorious food. Sorry.

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