Phuket, Thailand 2.0

Hey ya all! It’s about time for me to write about my recent Phuket, Thailand trip. It was a refreshing trip, a gateway from endless stress at work, and life in general. An escape to lovely exotic life. Can I stay there forever? I love Phuket too much I feel that it’s my second home. LOL.

Anyway, we were staying at this awesome resort, roughly 50m away from Hard Rock Phuket, a few steps away from Patong Beach. Just a corner, or to from Bangla Road. Awesome location!
Exotic landscape design, very tropical & so Thailand. It’s not the big hotel/resort name though, but a member of great hotels of the world, collection. The boutique hotel called Burasari Patong. Named after the rare flower that grows on the property.


We were welcome to the reception with a huge grand entrance to the pool. It’s awesome.


Central Pool, certain premier room have the private access to this pool. Cool eh.20120923-223343.jpg

The hotel spa


The bar / lounge where i hang out in the morning, and at night ! 20120923-223535.jpg

This is the premier room, very awesome20120923-223627.jpg

Entrance with great color 😛


The room with exotic decor 😛20120923-224040.jpg

The toilet with an intimate opening to the room 🙂20120923-224127.jpg

The Entry statement with water feature20120923-224225.jpg


Walkway to the room, left is the spa 20120923-224356.jpg

Naughty radish! LOL funny and catchy!20120923-224456.jpg

Jealous much now? Grin. It was a free and easy holiday for me. I mean, basically it’s all about chill, partying/drinking, shopping, and go-karting! But I did stress about work, i mean client been whatsapp/text me non-stop. Oh well.

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