Fitness level

Hello everyone ! Happy wednesday, it’s ladies night ya’all !

I just got back home, showered and as usual, wasting my time on facebook and sort. I leave the office today around 7.30pm as I need to email out drawing to client. I promised my colleague to check out the gym at Gurney today because, we feel that we are physically imbalance & unattractive, and in dire need to get back to shape.

Ha,ha. So we went to the gym at Gurney Tower to check out their membership package, classes offered as well as the facilities. Not bad, reasonable membership, if me & him sign up for it, we can sign under corporate package, a husband-wife package. Hahahaha, and get slightliy cheaper price than registering individually. Good, they have one dance/workout floor, decent no of cardio machines and weight floor equipped with generous weighting machine and free weight. My colleague a bit dissapointed as they do not have a steam room in the male changing room. Haha. You see, we have been manja-ing with the top range and state of the art gym in Penang & KL, where everything is provided; steam room, sauna, swimming pool, designer interior, endless cardio machines, seaview-cardio floor, top personal trainer and many more. So when we check out the modest looking gym, we’re not so keen to it. LOL. I know, VAIN.

We’re supposed to wait for the anticipated gym that supposed to be replacing Celebrity FItness at Gurney Plaza, but they delayed the opening till June 2013. So, no-no. Another better gym at Strait Quay is another option after the afrementioned gym closed but Straits Quay is way too far from our homes and office. It is not convenient & it’s a chore to actually drive there for a workout and to beat Penang traffic.

No, we can’t be choosy and will sign up with the outlet by this friday. No more reason not to work-out. I need to get back to my fitness level, pronto.

On top of that, I should be training for my 17km Malakoff Penang Run this mid-March. I have no idea how am I going to survive this run. It’s 17km and I never actually run more than 10km, in a competition.

I’ve stop all kind of sports activities for 2 months now, and I think it’s a bit wee late to actually get back to the last year fitness level. Oh dear. God  bless me.

For those who take part in the run, please check out their official website as they have published the route, and all those running information. You can check it out here.

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