Hopeful March

Hello everyone! It’s 4th of march and (of if I not mistaken, it’s kart birthday?), wow time flies so fast! It’s March 2013 already !!

I just came back from the gym I signed up for 3 months. It’s a modest gym located at 2nd floor or Gurney Tower. Not bad, I was on elliptical trainer for half and hour, rest a bit and continue another half an hour on treadmill, slow pace running. I accomplished my task today. Hopefully I can hit the gym tomorrow, for another cardio intense workout.

I’ve deactivate my Facebook account (again) because I was suffocated with useless bashing the opponent, the government bla bla on the Lahad Datu standoff issue.

Come on lah. Everyone, please do your part. Kalo sini memaki hamun sana then sana tunjuk to the other party bila mau habis ohh?? Sepa yang sengsara?? Orang Sabah juga. Sepa yang mati dulu? Orang Sabah juga. Manganese politik kan masalah keselamatan boleh? Kalau semangat kenegaraan tinggi sangat, turun Lahad Datu bahh kalo berani !!

Sorry, if am emo – all the sabahan talk will come out. So yeah, deactivate because of the non-sense in fb over this. I almost vomited reading all those. Wasting my time.

Okay, nothing much to update, just that I am crazy busy with work and trying to get ready for the 17km Malakoff run, 2 weeks from now. Am starting on a strict calories intake too for a month and hopefully I can achieve everything before I turn 28 by end of this month. Wish me luck!

Stay safe everyone! Especially those in Sabah. My prayers always with ya all 🙂

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