same old, same old!

When we went back to the time where everything is FUN; friends are forever; the coolest rule & the dorkiest not etc; it reminds me of the school memories. So much drama & yet, when you think of it back now, it doesn’t look as serious as it is before & most of the time, you will laugh at your action you thought was firm/serious or cool. It was fun making fun of the nerds, to escape classes, making full use of your power (i.e. bringing handphone to school & you were the school prefect etc). Remember the school bazaar where your class has the coolest stall; choir competition; battle of the band/ singing competition; sports day!! and so on..

well, it was fun catching up with school friends as it reminds you of the good old times. Met a couple of classmates with Jessie few days ago at Little Italy. We were catching up with each other. Some about to start a job, some starting a Master degree in Australia & so on. Time flies so fast that you don’t even realize it. Just the thought of you having fun in high school & the moment after that, everyone starting to get a job. So yeah.

And though everyone change to become more mature & stuff like that; there is something inside you that would not be changed & that make you truly youself.

 Morale of the story: make every moment meaningful as you can’t turn back time 🙂

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