Hollier than thou?

It really worked my nerve reading the national news in d past few days. (Refer to the post title- I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

That is invasion of privacy. When one resigns for what supposed to be someone holier than thou & admitted his mistake doesn’t mean that make you to be holier than that person. Duh. Get a grip. What you are doing is much more dirty than the person.

Trying to ‘kill’ someone weigh so much heavier than the s-escapades. And everyone here agrees that the accused to resign instead of fighting back to the privacy-intruder.

Well done, Malaysia!

I know to become someone, you must have some kind of standard & these hanky-panky activities should be totally shut off from your life. But hey, everyone has a dirty laundry!

At least somebody wash off their hand & admitted it. I think that is morally good thing to do. Sadly, majority cannot accept it because the weigh of the things done is heavier than the confession. Resignation doesn’t mean that this thing will die off. People will still indulge in the situation; another will try to reveal it. So when is the end of it? It is an on-going thing & the only solution is to have a moral adjustment.
It is either to legalize the indulgence to be morally right or totally condemn it.

So, moral officer; which one do you choose?

But I believe the resignation also based on the utilitarian – the greatest good for the greatest number. So, yeah.

I’m not a true believer of utilitarianism. I’m more into the Immanuel Kant moral ethics.

I rather to be called bad person (with good intention inside) where I caught up in the situation rather than being so nice & positive with a bad heart where people see you as an angel but you are a devil at heart.

Told ya, I’m a believer of Kant rather than the Utilitarian-fella moral ethics.

Enough said!

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